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Gravity Devotion Permanence

gravity devotion permanenceThese are the words David rolled off his tongue when I asked for a bit of help delivering my message to the world about what elephants mean to me. It's a question I get often enough, but I seem to stutter and stare blankly because elephants have marched within my thoughts for as long as I can remember. Their movement at times brings lightness to my wonderings. Other times their strength races out in front protecting my family and me. But at all times their presence embodies their greatness and reminds us of our potential. Elephants have exquisite grace despite their gravity. Likewise, belle voir's designs bring whimsy to the sophisticated metals and stones used in the line....

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The last few years have been a journey in seeking out friends and consciously nourishing new connections.  My mother is a great friend.  She spoils her friends, daughters and husband.  She always remembers your birthday.  Okay, perhaps that is not a very high bar, but to those of us who are challenged by time and thus by calendars which represent a passage of time, this is huge.  Not only does she remember your birthday with a card and a call, but she remembers what you like.  What flower, or chocolate is your favorite.  What color you like best, what shirt will flatter you, what book you read last and perhaps what book you might like next.   In conversation with her, she...

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Daffodils are spring.  Lively and bright.  Strong to withstand the sun, wind and, here in Colorado, the snow! As a child, I would recite one of my favorite poems each spring: Daffadown Dilly She wore her favorite sun bonnet,  She wore her greenest gown,  She turned to the North Wind,  And curtsied up and down.  She turned to the South Wind,  And shook her yellow head,  Whispered to her neighbor, "Winter is dead."   Joy to the spring.  To its freshness and delight.  Watch for daffodils appearing in my work.   xoxox beth

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The Wind

It has been an unsettling few weeks.  The wind has been howling, peaking at 3 a.m. Whistling through my open window with such force I can't help but fear soon my family and I will be whisked away in its arms soaring wildly without purpose into an unknown.   This seems to reflect my views of the current state of chaos in our political system.  No matter what side of the debate each of us finds ourselves, the ground is shifting quickly with force. Like the wind in its strength, the opposing sides have rendered the moment unstable.   The uncertainty stalls my work temporarily.  The gale has entered the creativity circuit.  I find myself exhausted, brittle and fighting for...

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First post

Vibrant. Raucous. United. Intelligent. Persistent.  Nasty Women, Pantsuit Nation.  The air has changed and I am grateful.  Our voices have been asked to reach greatness, greatness in strength, pitch, message and unity.   We can change this world and every drop of energy given is profoundly altering the future.   We can do this with grace, kindness, and humor.   Thank you, each and everyone of you for your words, energy and devotion to world of equality and respect for Mother Earth.   My studio is alive with news and my hands are freely running through work.  

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