see the beauty within you, a beautiful view


belle voir's use of etching as an essential element of design naturally lead to a series of prints. Prior to turning a piece into jewelry, belle voir uses the etched metal to print a limited edition of tiny paper impressions.  These gems are simple, clean and bring a smile to those who view them. 


The process is an old school printing processes that involves individually applying a thick, gooey, sublimely rich ink to the etched metal plate. The inking alone is fluid, detail oriented and marvelously demanding.  Because each print is individually inked, each piece is unique.  The metal etch is placed on a press, covered by 100% French cotton paper that has been soaked in water.  Three layers of wool blankets are layered on top.  The entire ensemble is run through the press by hand turning the wheel.  

I love this process.  It is intimate.  Nothing is instant.  Nothing is for sure.  Every element of the printmaking is a hands-on tiny piece of art in the making.  Intricate surprises await each reveal.